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I think we can all agree that nothing brings out the tan that we or may not even have quite like a white dress in the summer. White dresses are huge for the 2019 season (as they are every other year), but they can be a little bit tricky when you have to consider things like keeping yourself covered {ahem, thin fabrics} and the risk of staining if you do anything more than breathe while wearing one. Here are some tips for how to enjoy this clean look, free from wardrobe malfunction anxiety:

1. Picking the right fabric: This is so important with a white dress, because given the right light, so many materials will become completely transparent. A high quality fabric is less likely to be see through, and it gets double points if it's lined. If you're at all nervous about the risk for indecent exposure, play it safe and add appropriate undergarments, such as a classic nude slip or your favorite shapewear. Just remember, always layer skin toned pieces under a white dress even though white undergarments may seem like the appropriate choice.

2. Keep it easy breezy: Clingy fabrics are trickier in white than any other color. White is going to show every bump and bloat that a darker shade would mask. Opt for classic silhouettes and flowier forms.

3. It's all in the details: Accessories are the perfect opportunity to showcase your style and personality with a simple white dress. Keep it classic with pearls and nude sandals, or bring out a boho vibe with edgy booties, long earrings and stacks of bracelets. Kick it country with cowboy boots and a jean jacket. You get the gist. You have a virtually blank canvas, so make it your own!

4. Gold is the perfect accent: I'm a gold girl in general, but there's something about white in particular that really makes gold jewelry pop. There's just something so summertime chic about a white dress and a stack of gold bangles.

5. Pack your bag with purpose: Grab your lipstick, sunscreen, keys, and do NOT forget to toss in your Tide To Go pen! Those things are serious miracle workers. It's a great big world out there, and you never know what's just around the corner waiting to drip ketchup on your perfect white outfit!

What do you think about white dresses? Too risky or worth the work? Shop my picks below:

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