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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

If there is anything you should know about me prior to reading this post, it's that I am absolutely certifiable and often ask myself "what would a normal person do in this situation?" and then I do the complete opposite. And not in a cute, quirky, "different" way. In a clinical way. Anyways, with that disclaimer out of the way, Dan and I just passed our one year engagement-versary over Thanksgiving, so I thought I would share the utterly unromantic tale of how we became betrothed.

Dan and I had been dating for a long time by the time he proposed. It felt like we had always been together, and I thought that we both knew that marriage was only a couple of encouraging horoscopes away.

HOWEVER, we get to early November of 2017, and I just decided that I had had it. Patience has never been my virtue, and I was tired of waiting. My biological clock was ticking (I was 25, so no, it really wasn't...) but for whatever reason I decided that the fact that we weren't engaged yet was an absolute outrage.

I threw a tantrum similar to North West during a Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial, and demanded to know the reason for the lack of a ring on it. Dan very calmly responded to my hysterics with "Clarissa, I'm in law school. How am I going to afford an engagement ring right now?" This "potential problem" had crossed my mind, but I always just assumed that he would figure it out. I know. I'm so reasonable you might call me Kanye when one of my drivers wears polyester (what's with the Kim/Kanye references?? Couldn't tell you.)

However, instead of accepting the rationalism of his dilemma, I proceeded to tell him that he didn't know the meaning of love and stormed out of our shared apartment and off to my mom's house, bottle of wine in tow.

You may think that I've been dramatic thus far, but I haven't even gotten to the part where I got an anxiety attack so violent over my boyfriend's financial responsibility that I had to be hospitalized. For three days. I could NOT calm down. I couldn't get my breathing together and I couldn't get my heart rate down, thus hospitalization.

Long story slightly less long, my mom called Dan from the hospital and told him I had just about lost my goddamn mind and could he please call me. He promptly picked up the telephone and rang my room (he was crying at this point because that's what my antics do, make good people cry) so that he could tell me he had had the engagement ring for months and had been saving it for our weekend trip to the Greenbrier because he wanted it to be special. He just really wanted that surprise factor and thought that I might be able to handle a slight fake delay like the 25 year old woman I was, but BOY was he wrong! I am FULL of that surprise factor.

So a few days later, for some reason that will remain between Dan and God, he went through with his perfect, romantic vision of proposing to me at the Greenbrier's spring house when we were both dressed up in black tie for dinner. A picture can tell a thousand words, but sometimes it doesn't. The shots of us from our engagement weekend would never betray the slightest hint of the tumult that proceeded that moment. And for that, I will always be grateful.

XX, Clarissa


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