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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

I was going to title this post "Thanksgiving Week: What to Wear," and I had a whole slew of outfits from the internet that I was going to post (I'm sure I will actually write that post at some point). However, the more I thought about Thanksgiving, the less I felt like writing about what to wear and the more I thought about how I'm feeling about the holiday itself. This is and always has been one of my absolute favorite days of the year. Historically, my entire family (seven brothers+my mom) have piled into our minivan to make the cross country trek "out west" to visit my maternal side of the family in Indianapolis.

These days, we travel separately and stay for varying windows of days between Wednesday and Sunday. Somehow, though, all eight of us still make that same pilgrimage to spend Thanksgiving with our mom at our aunt's beautiful, sunny home, complete with the collapsible "kids table" and extra chairs that spend most of the year folded up in the garage. There's something about Thanksgiving that really makes you take stock of your people. You realize that the rush that you feel sitting at the table amongst them all for this one excessive, extravagant meal is good enough that you'll still do just about anything to get there. I'm glad that my people will. This Thanksgiving, let's celebrate tradition, and the beauty in things that haven't changed. For most of us, so many things in our lives are in constant upheaval, so let's take a day to appreciate the things that haven't been. A day for the things that have been consistent. For me, that means taking stock of my family: this incredible, resilient band who have answered some of life's greatest questions with togetherness, strength and a tightening of bonds. I couldn't feel more thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with my tribe of brothers who would forgive me anything and stand behind me before they even know what we're standing for. Siblings have taught me about unconditional love in ways that sometimes other parts of a family can't, and they won't care about what I'm wearing on Thanksgiving. They'll just want to know if I packed my sneakers so I can be above and beyond the worst player on their turkey-bowl team.

XX, Clarissa


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