• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Breaking: your childhood comfort object is now a socially acceptable fashion statement

Last fall, when teddy bear fleece made a grand re-entrance into the fashion world, I searched high and low for any article of clothing made from this nubby fabric that would fit my budget. I was largely unsuccessful, with the exception of a Black Friday J.Crew vest deal. Upon finding this vest (in the wrong size, but I didn't care), I carried it home from the store in a vice grip, as though some stranger at the mall may have a sudden compulsion to hijack my sherpa. This year, this fabric is everywhere. Basic though it be, I can't stop snatching up pieces. And it's not just clothing. I have a teddy bear tree skirt and may or may not be on the hunt for a bath mat....

Anyways, this little Free People number has quickly become a wardrobe staple, as it is super warm and looks as great with a date night dress as it does with jeans and a tee. Also doubles as a soothing comfort object when under extreme duress in the workplace (personal experience). I hope this fall's plethora of teddy fabric has made your cozy dreams come true as much as it has mine. Plus, if it goes out of style, just think of the throw blanket potential.

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you're here.

XX, Clarissa


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