• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

It was freezing this weekend (well, 40 degrees is freezing enough for me) but it did give me an opportunity to bust out my winter parka, and I am always excited to test drive a new jacket. My exact coat is no longer available with the fur hood, but I have linked up the same jacket without the fur trim here. We took advantage of not having much going on by spending this Sunday wandering around Target (a favorite hobby of mine...), taking Hadley to the dog park, and catching up on the creepy Lifetime series "You." Any fans?? Such a good show if you're in the mood for some drama! I also got caught up on some reading that I have been eager to dive into. There is so much good fiction out right now. I feel like I can't keep up and my "next read" list is about 20 books long at the moment! I love a good book recommendation so please let me know if you have any current favorites, and I will share my recent picks later this week!

Me pretending that $400 for this Christmas tree is perfectly reasonable and within my budget. We went home with a much smaller option...Hah.


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