• Clarissa Laws


I have a bad habit every spring of always being JUST behind the sandals trend. As soon as I've sorted out what's cool, it's sold out, everyone already has it and they're probably on to the next thing. This year I was determined to be fast out of the gate, so I started sandal shopping in December. Not the most appealing concept when your feet are literally blue with cold, but effective for tracking trends and successfully adding to cart before your size gets the big, sad X sign.

By far my favorite trend that I came across was overstated, over the top embellished slides. I wore my white leather slides to death last summer so I was so excited to pick up this fun take on last year's staple. Check out the other bedazzled beauties I have in my cart here:

What do you think about this year's sparkly statement shoe?

XX, Clarissa


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