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Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about skincare, which is something I am barely dipping my toes into right now but want to become much more educated on. I don't have any answers that you can't get on Google, but I have been seeing a dermatologist here in Richmond for about one year now for issues with hormonal acne as well as anti-aging and it has really opened my eyes to just how much STUFF there is out there! I'm going to break down my routine and hopefully some component of it speaks to you. I have pretty normal skin. I can get dry in the winter but it's pretty rare, and my hormonal acne was (praise the lord) essentially eliminated a few months ago by changing my birth control. My main concerns are with aging and dark spots. I have quite a few acne scars from my early 20s.

My dermatologist started with the very basics.

1. She told me to buy a very gentle, simple cleanser with no frills, is soap-free, hypoallergenic and ESPECIALLY non-comedogenic. I don't know what that is but I know it is no longer in my face wash! She recommended something classic and affordable, so I went with Aveeno positively radiant. The stuff is $3 and I've had a great experience with it for the past few months.

2. She told me not to skip my morning moisturizer, even though my skin isn't dry. It helps with clarity, dark spots and aging. She just told me to keep it light. I bought the Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer (under $10) to use every morning, and per her suggestion, I add a drop of irritant free sunscreen (I use Vanicream) in with the moisturizer. I use this as a makeup primer and don't bother with an actual primer under my makeup.

3. She was a big proponent of the GloPro and was excited that I already had one because she was going to recommend a more affordable dermaroller to address my fine lines concerns. I LOVE my GloPro. I bought it on a whim, but I feel like I can already see a difference around my eyes and mouth and between my brows after using it regularly for the past year. I use it three times/week- Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. She agreed that this was a good regimen. My routine on days that I GloPro is below, followed by the exception of masking days. I don't mention and eye cream in here because I'm not wed to a particular product yet. I will let you know if I ever find something that knocks my socks off, but right now I just grab any retinol with vitamin C.

1. I remove my makeup with my Kopari cleansing oil, and then I wipe my face down with the GloPro brand skin prep pads. I usually use two at a time because they're pretty small. Really, I think any face wipe would honestly work for this part.

2. I run my GloPro over my skin for about 60-90 seconds. It's super simple and there's no rhyme or reason to how you do it. This YouTube video helped me get started. The GloPro kit I linked above includes the face roller, but I would highly recommend ordering the eye area roller as well because it's smaller and has fewer needles per cm than the face roller. I haven't invested in the lip attachment or the body attachment just yet.

3. Once I've finished rolling, I slap some serum on my face as fast as physically possible. This is probably a little bit dramatic but the biggest benefit of micro-needling is supposedly that the tiny pinpricks you create in your skin allow products (particularly serums because they are the most viscous) to penetrate your skin more deeply. You want to get your serums on your skin before the collagen boosting component kicks in and your skin starts healing itself. My favorite serum for the past 6 months-ish has been the TULA illuminating face serum. If you have a more specific issue, this can be a great opportunity to get your dark spot correcting, redness reducing etc. serums to be extra effective. The TULA serum is just a general sort of brightness enhancer and my skin is all about it.

4. My dermatologist told me that "waiting for your products to sink in" is sort of a myth, so you can apply your moisturizer immediately after your serum. I'm still a little bit of a myth believer so I usually leave my serum for about 30 seconds before I moisturize but don't tell her :). I use TULA's hydrating day and night cream before bed and I love it because I'm kind of addicted to the smell of it, but it's about personal preference//needs!

5. Masking- I'm a little bit of a wild woman on masking and I love trying all sorts of masks to find out what works best for my skin. When I'm masking, I apply my mask as fast as physically possible following my rolling and I can really see a difference in how much of my mask my face physically eats compared to the days that I mask without microneedling first. My skin is really fond of mud masks, so I am exceptionally excited about this Pixi Beauty illuminating mud mask. I've only been using it for about a week but I LOVE it so far and will circle back if anything changes! It leaves my pores feeling so clean and refreshed and my face is so smooth after rinsing. I also recently received the Pixi T-Zone peel off mask which I am excited to try because I rarely have good luck with peel off masks but this one has good reviews. On nights when I mask, I also generally do an under eye pad, and the Pixi DetoxifEYE eye pads have been performing as well as the ones I'm used to using that are twice the price. They are so effective at relieving under eye puffiness. On a masking day, I will mask, rinse, do my under eyes and then apply serum and moisturizer. This is typically once or twice every week.

4. When I am having issues with acne, I have my prescription treatments from my dermatologist but they are so strong that I am generally reluctant to use them, so my favorite product is La Roche Posay's dual action acne treatment. It's effective but also doesn't feel like I'm covering my skin in poison that will ultimately just dry me out and leave more acne scars. I usually go for benzoyl peroxide over salicylic acid.

I feel like there is so much I missed in this post like blackheads, Foreo vs. Clarisonic, sheet masking etc., but I don't want to make this post any longer... I will come back with more skincare tips if that is something you all would be interested in! Thanks for reading and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions!

XX, Clarissa

Some of the products mentioned in this post were gifted but all opinions are very much my own. I only share products that I would personally purchase after testing.


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