• Clarissa Laws


One of my goals for 2020 is to start switching my beauty products away from toxic to clean. The switch has been very gradual, but I am feeling good about it! As I run out of something, I do my research and find a clean beauty product as a replacement. All of my body/skin products are now all natural (which the exception of retinol because I just can't, ha!). I am making slow progress with my makeup. Makeup has required a LOT more trial and error than the skincare swaps did. I will definitely have a post up about that in the next few months. In this post, we will be talking specifically about switching to a non-toxic self tanner!

When Beauty by Earth reached out to me about a collaboration, I did a little (okay, A LOT) of research on the company prior to committing to working with them. Beauty by Earth is a skincare company devoted to creating the very best non-toxic, cruelty free products using the cleanest and most natural ingredients available.

Some of you may already be familiar with EWG (Environmental Working Group). For those that don't utilize this resource yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it if you are curious about the safety of your personal care products. EWG has developed Skin Deep, which is a service that creates profiles for cosmetics and personal care products focusing on their potential hazards and health concerns. They make their findings accessible to the public on their website. They have reviewed literally every single product I have ever purchased/researched. Seriously everything! It's the best tool.

Since I began my clean beauty journey earlier this year, I have been using EWG's Skin Deep to check ratings and potential hazards of everything I am considering for purchase. They rate everything on a scale of 1 (low hazard)-10 (high hazard), and they even include an in-depth look at the algorithm they developed to generate these scores. They are completely transparent which makes me totally trusting of their reviews.

So, back to Beauty by Earth, I searched them in the EWG database and was so excited to see that almost ALL of their products were scored as level 1, meaning lowest possible hazard. They also provide a thorough explanation for each score and go through EACH individual ingredient and assign them a score them as well. Here is an example of an EWG product review.

I knew right away that the Beauty by Earth organic self tanner was one of the products that I wanted to test.

In addition to its Skin Deep score of 1, it has nearly 4,000 five star reviews on Amazon and over 600 five star reviews on the Beauty by Earth site. I have been a loyal user of St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse for several years, and knew that they scored very high (aka toxic) on Skin Deep. I had read up on DHA, the key bronzing ingredient in St. Tropez and the majority of non-organic self tanners, and was already aware of some of the research that made me question its safety. I was eager to ditch my tried and true in favor of a DHA-free product, because I'm pale, veiny and vain and can't go without self tanner. I was worried about the effectiveness of a tanner without my favorite toxin, but the results I have seen from Beauty by Earth have erased my doubts.

*I am calling this post "Self Tanning Part 1" because this post shares step by step application instructions as well as tips and tricks to get the best results from tanning at home!*

Look at these results after just one product application (photos taken 24 hours apart)!

The formula, which is a lotion, also felt way more moisturizing than the mousse I had been using previously, and was quick and easy to apply. Check out those streak-free knees and ankles- NO orange! They advise you wait 15 minutes after applying before you put on makeup or clothing to avoid staining, but for the sake of this review, I sat on a white towel for those 15 minutes and had NO color residue left behind. It is also 100% white sheet approved. I went to bed about two hours after applying with no stains!

The color seems to begin to fade in the advertised 5-7 days, which is about the same lifespan as my St. Tropez!

Overall, I am thrilled with this product and SO excited to have added a safe and effective self tanner to my natural beauty arsenal. Check out Self Tanning Part 2 for helpful tips for optimal self tanner application!

What do you use to tan at home?! Are you interested in adding more natural products to your routine?

XX, Clarissa