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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Everyone loves a good runway show. I mean, WOW, that's my kind of art. I've been devouring YouTube clips from Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks for as long as I can remember. Haute couture is pure magic. For most of us average, fashion crazed off the rack shoppers, these exclusive events are the authority that set the stage for much of what we will be seeing in stores in the coming season.

However, the events of 2020 (looking at you, COVID) have had a massive impact on almost every industry. Fashion is no exception. Most fashion weeks for fall 2020 took place in January and February, and since then, more than a few influential fashion houses have closed their doors for good. No one knew what this phenomenon would mean for style this year. However, it does appear that the trends shown last winter will have the usual influence on how we dress.

True to form, the less effected ready to wear brands have taken the predominant looks from the runway and translated them into everyday wear that is practical for us non career socialites. For this post, I combed back through the fall 2020 shows and pulled 10 distinctive looks that were all over the runway during the major fashion weeks. I then online shopped my little heart out and compiled the best pieces under $100 inspired by the highlighted fashion trends. Over the next two weeks, I will be sharing separate posts discussing each of the 10 looks, so stay tuned! Read on to see trend number one!

Cowboys are getting a brand new look! Some fashion experts feel that the bouncy, whimsical fashion trend that is fringe will be even more attractive to shoppers than originally predicted because it offers a twisty, twirly escape from the grim reality many Americans are facing.

One of these experts proclaimed “The Western-turned-futuristic dangly fabric detail will definitely be inescapable." This is a huge endorsement! As of September 2020, fringe has already been spotted on Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West AND Beyonce. Spice up your WFH wardrobe with this fun accent. Shop my picks under $100 below. Click the + sign to shop!

What do you think about fringe? Fashionable or forgettable?

XX, Clarissa



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