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So one of the main focuses of this blog is on workwear, just because this is what most of us wear about 75% of the time, and I think it's something that can provide a lot of joy to an area of our lives that at times feels very monotonous. I also draw a lot of confidence from what I'm wearing at work. I feel more prepared to share my thoughts in a meeting if I LOOK like I have my s*** together. Maybe that's just me, but maybe this will help some of you too! I am excited to share some of my tips for dressing for success.

1. My number one piece of advice is that you can't look the part unless you feel the part, and a key component of feeling the part is being able to literally FEEL all parts of your body. Don't wear shoes, or anything, ever, that cut off your circulation and/or make you feel like you can't breathe. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are that you probably look uncomfortable, and this is not the key to confidence. In tailored dresses, I know that I can wear one size, but I know that I can breathe in the next size up. Always opt for the size that allows you to relax your shoulders and actually eat the lunch you packed.

2. I try to focus on quality over quantity, even though all of us fashion obsessed gals know that this is hard. However, if you find a classic silhouette, like this Shoshanna dress, that makes you feel like a million bucks, invest in this piece rather than in ten lower priced knockoffs that make you feel like a hundred bucks. You may feel like an outfit repeater, but think of the opportunities to layer this with chunky knits, blazers, tights, pumps, booties, etc. You could even rock this dress as a skirt with the right cropped sweater on top. There are a lot of options that I think make investing in a statement office dress like this worth it.

3. After you've found the perfect outfit, nailing a signature office beauty look will always give you a boost. Find a makeup routine that is simple, practical, but still makes you feel polished and ready to take on the day. I'll be sharing my 10 minute work-face hacks in a future post, so stay tuned. In my research and via Harper's Bazaar, several studies actually suggest that a swipe of red lipstick gives the outward appearance that you are more trustworthy and competent. HOWEVER, the office is no place to experiment, so I recommend this article to help you find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

4. My last tip is to always add a polished, professional accessory. You've nailed your outfit, mastered your boardroom beauty, now all you need is one final detail to push your professional persona over the edge. My go-to office essential is a tote bag that I try to keep bold, chic, sophisticated, occasionally trendy, but never flashy. Save the big designer labels for the high school nemesis showdowns and stick to sophisticated classics at work. My pick is anything Rebecca Minkoff. Her totes are so chic with their asymmetry, fun colors and updated zippers and tassels, but never overbearing. They complement your seat at the table, but never take away from what you have to bring to the table.

I hope you find these tips helpful! The moral of my story is "look good, feel good." Rock that water cooler in the style that makes you feel the most "you," because at the end of the day, the best thing you can bring to the table is your most authentic self.

XX, Clarissa

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