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Let me preface this by saying that this post is in no way sponsored by Rent the Runway, they definitely have no idea who I am. I've just had a really incredible experience with this service and I wanted to share in case anyone has been on the fence about trying it!

So, what is Rent the Runway? Initially, RTR became known as every girl's go-to for that special occasion, only wear once dress that you could never actually afford in real life, and it still offers that service which is totally awesome. I can't keep up with black tie weddings right now so thank god for RTR. The part of RTR that I wanted to talk about today are the two subscription plans, RTR Update and RTR Unlimited. RTR Update is $89/month, and every month you get to select four designer pieces from their never ending closet to rotate into your wardrobe for that month. The number of options is unreal and I have SO much fun selecting my pieces every month. You can get anything from designer jeans, cashmere sweaters, statement dresses, on trend jewelry and gorgeous handbags. It's honestly so difficult to choose just four things, which is why I will probably upgrade to RTR Unlimited in the next couple of months. In Unlimited ($159/month), you get the same access to their massive selection of items and you get to choose five pieces every month and swap them out whenever you want. I can only swap after 30 days, but in Unlimited, you can literally constantly have new pieces flowing in and out of your wardrobe. Send one back, get one in on the same day. It's almost like magic.

Also, something that doesn't get enough hype is how good the service is at RTR. You get your pieces delivered in a garment bag, on hangers, freshly dry cleaned, always on the day they tell you you're going to get them. I have never had a single quality issue and some items even arrive with tags still on. If you need something from them, the response from their team is almost immediate every time. I'm usually wary of subscription services that seem too good to be true, but I am completely hooked on this one. I can pick out a dress for a glam date night, a statement sweater for weekend wear and they have some seriously killer work dresses for the weekdays. Check out some of my favorite RTR looks below:

Three Floor Limelight Dress, Retail $425

DVF Striped Sweater Dress, Retail $468

Shoshanna Windowpane Upton Dress, Retail $398

Joie Marcenna C Dress, Retail $378

DVF Olive Wrap Dress, Retail $398

Milly Polka Dot Gabby Dress, Retail $450

DVF Sable Bonne Journee O Ring Bag, Retail $698

Tory Burch Floral Grotto Wrap Dress, Retail $448

Badgley Mischka Faux Wrap Dress, Retail $495

What do you guys think? Are you going to take the plunge? I am completely sure you will not regret it!!! Check out the subscription options here.

Thanks for reading!

XX, Clarissa


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