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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

LADIES AND MY HUSBAND (shoutout to the only male who reads my blog), it's the first post of Christmas! I am so excited to start posting holiday content because if there is one thing I am good at, and actually it might be the only thing, it's finding really great things for really great prices! I have some fun things planned for the blog and I hope to provide you with content that will be in some way useful to you as you prepare for the big day!

Whichever the case may be, I'm just here trying to tell you that I made up two distinct outfits with one dress and now my holiday party problems are solved. Maybe this post is just about gloating. Whatever. Anyways, the two events that my husband and I can count on each year are our.....drumroll please...... OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTIES! Insert enthusiasm here.

Personally, I would rather spend my holiday clothing budget on sherpa-lined joggers and random crap with Buddy the Elf quotes on it than on formalwear to impress my coworkers. Unless you're really craving that Cinderella moment where you transform from the topknot and Uggs girl to a total swipe right. If that is the case, you do your thing girlfriend.

For the rest of us, I'm thinking "these people have seen me ugly cry while wearing Better Than Sex mascara", and there is nothing I can ever do to erase that image from being their mental Bitmoji every time they see my face. If you're in that boat (please, please tell me I'm not alone), let's find a comfortable, under $40, free two-day Prime shipping velvet dress, and wear it on repeat.

My office's holiday soiree consists of a potluck and a Secret Santa where your recipient lists their favorite store as Saks, and their favorite color is "onyx", which I had to Google because wtf, and I never even got the chance to ask her about the difference between onyx and regular black because she was in the Maldives the week of the exchange. True story. Anyways, I'm being mean, it really is a nice get together and we call the dress code "Business Casual Festive". Copyright pending.

This is how I plan on styling my Amazon Prime dress for my office's casual event:

I took the velvet dress, added a mock neck grey pullover sweater, tights, a chunky necklace, my polar bear bag (he also has a tail. and a facial expression that makes you feel like you're constantly letting him down) and some leopard block heels. Voila, business casual festive. Links are at the bottom if you're in an add to cart mood.

My husband's workplace, on the other hand, does the whole big cheesy corporate holiday celebration, complete with a Santa re-enactor and a festive photo booth with props that say things like "Naughty List" and "I've Been Bad this Year". There's nothing like seeing Karen in accounting walk out of the booth wearing a white beard and holding a sign that says "Let's Get Elfed Up". Anecdotes aside, his party is more formal, and this is how I have styled my velvet dress for the event:

Remove sweater, Add faux fur jacket. Hair back. High heels. Sparkly earrings. And there you have it, folks! One dress, worn twice, and a lot more of my thoughts and fun facts about my life than you bargained for. I hope, at the very least, that you can find a great, versatile holiday look out of this. All my picks are linked up below, and seriously some of them are such steals.

Thanks for reading, friend!

XX, Clarissa


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