• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Sep 25, 2020

So, I'm a pretty simple girl living a pretty simple life, and I love Cerave moisturizer. I think it's great. Seriously, it's great, I use it every morning, it has SPF 30, it's light, never greasy, absorbs quickly, looks great under makeup, perfect for sensitive skin and keeps my face always healthy and never dry. Perhaps its very best feature? You can buy like a jug of it for $20. It's so affordable. You get so much bang for your buck with this product that, though I have tried many daily moisturizers, I keep coming back to Cerave.

However, with new products and new research always coming out, I started to wonder if I needed my daily AM moisturizer to do more. Cerave covers my moisture and SPF, which I think are the two most important factors, but there's always room for improvement. Enter the two A++ products that I can ADD to my beloved morning moisturizer to give it a serious upgrade, without ditching my tried and true budget buy.

>>>We have all heard the hype surrounding vitamin C in skincare. It has proven glow boosting benefits, in addition to fading irritated/dark spots over time. As someone who didn't skip the awkward phase, I have plenty of dark spots from one-too-many-times-popped pimples of my tween years. Versed has come out with the perfect solution for me, which is their "Found the Light" powder with vitamin C. It's exactly what it sounds like, a powder that you tap into your moisturizer (or serum, or oil!) to boost its effects with the power of vitamin C. As they say, "so any serum or moisturizer can become a dark spot–brightening, collagen-stimulating, antioxidant powerhouse." Vitamin C is also tricky to keep active, so this powder form helps it retain its potency better than any liquid. I add 1-2 little shakes to my Cerave every morning after cleansing, and boom, I'm boosting my complexion and fading my acne scars in addition to the benefits I was already getting from Cerave.

>>>My other favorite product I've gotten hooked on this summer is the self-tanning drops from Isle of Paradise. In their own words: "Married to your moisturizer but want that super-tanned glow, too? Simply add these color-correcting Self Tanning Drops to your moisturizer for a natural, sunkissed glow with no streaks, smells, or orange tones." This description was a perfect fit for my needs, and it does exactly what it says it will! I add 1-2 drops to my morning moisturizer (after I have added my shakes of Versed!) and I mix it all up between my palms and apply the boosted concoction to my face! Works like a charm. I'm healthy, protected from the sun, working on longterm spot fading and looking a little bit sunkissed in a matter of seconds. So easy.

>>>Note: Don't forget to wash your hands after using Isle of Paradise! The drops are great and very natural when added to your moisturizer, but they will give you orange hands if you don't wash right away!

My two boosters have the added benefit of being $20 and $30, respectively, which is more $$ than my Cerave routine, but I have had one bottle of each since mid-June and they are still going strong! I think they're definitely worth the extra cost if they're lasting me 3-4 months each. I highly recommend trying these hacks for a budget friendly way to boost your morning moisturizing routine! You can use both with ANY moisturizer you are already wedded to, or you can ditch a more expensive product and start enhancing a more budget friendly buy!

Do you have any beauty products you can't give up?!

XX, Clarissa