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I thought I would jump on here today and talk a little bit about my current makeup routine. I am not wedded in any way to a set suite of makeup products. I am constantly trying new things and swapping products in and out of my daily routine. I use a mix of "high end" products that I can't live without, and drugstore items that I love just as much. I have (as I am sure most of you can also say) run the gamut with makeup trends, dupes and cult favorites over the years, so here is my daily routine and what I am loving for spring 2019. Let's start with the products, and I'll get into the details below. Click each image to shop!

1. PRIMER: As we all do, I start my routine with my primer. I use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, and every other day, I add two drops of my Clarins Glow Booster. This gives me the perfect base for my makeup, as well as a light glow that has to be faked during the winter months! I actually have a new primer in my Amazon cart right now by Monica Ann Beauty that has a ton of good reviews and promises some pretty exciting things, so I am probably going to test that one in the next few weeks. I will be sure to review it for you all!

2. FOUNDATION: This is a new product for me, and I have been using it for about six weeks and LOVING it: Revlon CANDID foundation. This is a swap for my tried and true IT Cosmetics BB Cream, and it has exceeded my expectations! I apply this with my beauty blender, and a trick I have learned recently is that you should start at the center of your face and blend outwards. I have always dotted my foundation all over and then blended, but I have learned recently that applying it around your cheeks and nose and then blending outwards eliminates the dreaded "foundation line" that we all hate, because product is thoroughly blended by the time it reaches your neck. Just a little YouTube tip I picked up last week!

3. POWDER: I've heard from some of my favorite beauty bloggers that the ELF translucent powder is ~ALMOST~ on par with the Laura Mercier version, so this was enough for me to switch my powder immediately because the ELF version is about 1/4 the price! Powder trick- don't neglect your ears! Dust your powder lightly over the tips of your ears to keep your complexion even across your head.

4. EYE SHADOW: I do my eyes next, I don't know that this order particularly matters because I've seen beauty bloggers do it every which way, but I start with my shadow. I am currently obsessed with my Pixi Beauty eyeshadow palette, and I apply a shimmer at the corners, a slightly darker shade in the crease and a pale shade along the browline. You can YouTube this and they will do a far better job explaining the process than I will, but a little eyelid contour really can add a lot of dimension!

5. LINER: Next up is my top lid liquid liner. I love the Milani matte finish liquid liner in black. It lasts far longer than the ELF product I was using before and it goes on just as smooth. It's a few dollars more but still a drugstore product so I think it's a steal for the quality.

6. WATER LINE LINER: Right before I put on my mascara, I like to apply my NYX white liner on my bottom lid. This is supposed to make you look more alert, and I think it really works. I can really tell a difference in how alert I look on days that I accidentally skip this step!

7. MASCARA: The L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara and primer can't be beat. I've heard this from dozens of beauty bloggers, and from my personal experience I am very vested at this point. I keep thinking I want to switch back to Too Faced Better Than Sex (my old go-to), but I coming back to this product. The two piece set on Amazon is such a great deal.

8. CONCEALER: My concealer is a relatively new product for me, I've been using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser under eye concealer, and I can see why it has such a cult following! It's an awesome product and erases my under eye bags in a simple swipe of the foam pad! I would highly recommend testing this concealer out if you haven't already tried it.

9. BROWS: I love a one step gel for my brows, and WUNDERBROW brow gel is my go-to right now! You sweep it on in about four seconds, let it sit for another 10 seconds, and then I brush my brows with a little brow brush to shape. It's quick and easy and the product lasts all day.

10. CONTOUR: I've just swapped contour sticks from my beloved Fenty Beauty to this new KIKO Milano product, because it is about half the price of the Fenty. So far I am having a pretty good experience with it but it doesn't blend quite as well as the Fenty. It's a great option if you don't want to splurge on your contour, but if it's in your budget, I would stick to the Fenty.

11. HIGHLIGHT: Recent makeup lesson: highlight before blush! I've always done this in reverse, but apparently your highlighter will wipe off the blush from the tops of your cheeks and diminish your color, so you should do the highlight first! I love stila Heaven's Hue in the shade Brilliance, and I just dust it over the bridge of my nose, the tops of my cheeks, the tip of my chin and the top of my forehead.

12. BLUSH: I love blush. I probably overuse it, but it is the makeup product I could not go without. I love Laura Geller's baked blush in the shade "Tropic Hues" because I think it does a great job giving you a little pink and a tiny bit of bronze!

13. LIPS: I'm honestly all over the place with lips, and I pick up a new lipstick almost every time I'm at a Target or ULTA. I usually wear whatever is in the bottom of my purse that day, haha! One that I do repeat purchase is Maybelline Color Sensational lip liner in Purely Nude, and Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Peach Buff. This gives a nice neutral lip that goes with everything. I line my full lips with the liner to keep the lipstick in place all day, and I find that this goes a long way in terms of how often I have to reapply!


BRUSHES: I go cheap on brushes and use a synthetic set I found on Amazon. They have done well by me and the price makes it easy on your heart to throw them out and replace every couple of months.

CLEANING SPRAY: I -try- to remember to spritz my brushes every day with my NYX sanitizing spray to protect my skin from makeup build-up breakouts, but sometimes I forget. I probably do this 4 times/week. I think it helps but who really knows.

CLEANING MAT: I use a simple brush cleansing mat from Amazon and I feel like it gets my brushes really nice and clean.

CLEANER: I use basic Johnson's baby wash to clean my brushes. This was recommended to me by a makeup artist at Sephora and it's super gentle and works really well for me, plus it doesn't break the bank. I gently run the brushes over the mat with some Johnson's until the water runs clear, then I pat them dry and lay them out on a paper towel for about 24 hours until they are completely dry. I do this once a month. I should probably do it more often, but that is the best I can manage at this point in my life!

I hope this post has been helpful and you've picked up some product recommendations that you're interested in trying! What's your makeup staple that you can't leave the house without!? I would love to know.

XX, Clarissa


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