• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hello, beautiful friends! I am coming at you today LIVE from my IKEA couch to talk about self-tanning. I had planned on spending the middle of April on Florida's gorgeous gulf coast, but this global pandemic put a bit of a damper on those plans! Thus, rather than flaunting my equatorial glow, I am here to tell you about my recent experience self-tanning with Golden Star Beauty.

Bless my mother for granting me the adolescent freedoms that so many of my peers were denied, but a GOOD mother would never permit her 13 year old daughter to purchase the equivalent of orange body dye from a kiosk at the mall advertising "A Tan That Can't be Missed!". Kidding, mom. Learning the hard way is the reason I will never again go blonde for $8.99.

However, these tales of prepubescent tragedy bring me to today's post. I KNOW I am not the only woman out there who has struggled to find a natural looking, long-lasting self tanner that does not ruin every light colored textile it touches, I am excited to feature Golden Star Beauty as my new go-to in sunless tanning. When GSB initially reached out to me about this collaboration, I was quick to give them my millenial-style Google deep dive. In addition to their glowing reviews (seriously, check them out), the thing that I found most appealing about their products is that they refer to their face tanner as a serum. It isn't just a tanning lotion. It includes hyaluronic acid, rose hip oil and aloe vera. As someone with a LONG history of cystic acne, I am very wary of everything I put on my face. Seeing this emphasis on healthy skin ingredients made me feel confident that a lot of thought had gone into developing this formula to ensure that it would be gentle and unirritating. LET ME TELL YOU- I have been using their self-tan face serum for three weeks now (I wanted to test before I reviewed!), and I have not had a single breakout or dry spot. And my skin is bronzed and glowing! I am really, really excited about this product.

A few times each week, I use it in place of my morning moisturizer, and I maintain a healthy glow without forfeiting any skin nourishment.

I have had the same level of success with their tanning body oil, which I have also been using for almost a month now. The color is consistent and natural, meanwhile I am able to avoid harmful UV rays without forgoing the glow that I crave during white shorts season. I apply the body oil 1-2 times/week using a tanning mitt, and smooth it evenly over the regions on my body that I am targeting. As with any self-tanner, it is crucial to pay extra attention to knees, ankles and elbows to ensure that you get even, all-over color, and be sure to wait the requisite 10-15 minutes post-application prior to getting dressed to save your clothing from the dreaded self-tanner stains!

If you have yet to find an at-home, sunless tanner that you love, or are curious about what else is on the market, I highly recommend giving Golden Star Beauty a try. I am very particular when it comes to skincare, and the results I have seen from GSB will keep me coming back for more. Shop their products here (affiliate links):

How are you keeping your skin healthy during quarantine?!

*This post was sponsored by Golden Star Beauty. All opinions are my own.*

XX, Clarissa