• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

When you find your soul dress, you'll know you were meant to be.

So I didn't do a great job sharing details of the world's greatest dress by Joie, but you can bet your moody floral loving heart that this number will be making another appearance soon because it's my favorite dress in my closet. She's loose, swingy, soft, leaves lots of room for activities. I wear this dress spring summer fall and winter with various boots, cardigans and sandals. She goes to work. She goes to Target. She goes out drinking. Is there anything she can't do?! The answer to that is no. If you don't have an "I want to wear this every day" dress, I would highly recommend the investment because even the Monday-est Monday is better in your favorite dress.

Side note: Isn't this rooftop patio situation the cutest? Thanks for reading!

XX, Clarissa


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