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Updated: Nov 22, 2019

I wanted to talk a little bit about my personal approach to style today. My favorite fashion trick is one that I have learned from some of my favorite big name bloggers, and it's the trick of mixing high and low price point pieces to achieve a look that is simultaneously trendy and timeless. When you pair your $20 clearance sweater with a high end belt or designer denim, you immediately elevate its style and make it appear much more expensive than it actually is. That is what I was going for with my look here. I thought I would break down the high and low pieces in this look alongside recent, frivolous high and low moments in my life.

High in Look: Gucci leather belt

High in Life: I got 12 total pairs of socks for Christmas which means for the next 12 days, my socks will almost definitely match. After that it's a total crapshoot, but I am VERY excited for the next two weeks of feeling like I have my life together!

Low in Look: Lisi Lerch statement earrings (more of a medium, but $40 statement earrings isn't bad)

Low in Life: I left almond milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve and when I picked it up the next morning, there were two dead flies in it. Why are there two flies in my apartment dying in my almond milk? I don't know, but #gross.

High in Look: Louis Vuitton Crossbody

High in Life: Last night I fell asleep without finishing my glass of wine. This never happens. Nothing like waking up to a half full glass of wine on the nightstand to make you feel like not an alcoholic.

Low in Look: DSW Leopard Booties ($50)

Low in Life: I had to whiten my dog in photoshop for our Christmas card this year because it was easier than taking her to the groomer and paying for her to get actually clean. Please tell me I am not alone.

High in Look: J Brand Denim

High in Life: I bought a felt heart garland off Amazon and I'm going to wrap it around my Christmas tree to make it a Valentine's Day tree and therefore can put off taking it down for two more months. And if you think I'm above stringing Easter eggs on it, you thought wrong.

Low in Look: J. Crew Clearance Sweater ($22)

Low in Life: I tried a new dark spot correcting overnight serum last night and woke up this morning with five count them five new pimples on my cheeks and forehead. I guess "dark spots" isn't the same as "giant, inflamed, painful red spots."

Anyways, I hope you like this look as much as I do and feel inspired to shop your closet for good pairings of "luxe" items and "budget" items. It's a great way to rock fast fashion without breaking the bank and also not looking like you just walked out of one of those stores (not naming names...) that style you like you just walked out of a teenaged polyester thunderstorm. Thanks for reading!!

XX, Clarissa


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