• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Blogging: (Sometimes) Pretending You're Something You're Not

I'm calling this look "cool girl," because it makes me feel like I'm wearing something that someone cool would wear to brunch. Cool girls always go to brunch. Would you believe that these neat pearl studded jeans are from Target?! I am absolutely NOT a fast mover in Target (HELLO clearance end caps!), but when I found these sparkly boyfriend jeans, I ran to the checkout. They're super fun to style with oversized sweaters and tees because they make anything basic look slightly elevated. I'm always on board for slightly elevated.

I had to couple this look with my fave white booties, because they always give me "cool girl" vibes and I feel like a slightly more interesting person when I put them on. These are from Rebecca Minkoff, but I'm pretty sure white booties are everywhere right now (possibly even Target's clearance end caps?!), and I would not hesitate to pick some up because I throw these on with everything for a little bit of go-go dancer chic. I will openly admit to wearing this outfit as often as I can get away with without looking like someone who never washes her pants. P.S.- if you get your studded jeans at Target, they're 100% machine washable. Bless you Target.

XX, Clarissa


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