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To follow up my post sharing educational resources for the white person's journey to active anti-racism, I wanted to share some of my favorite fashion/lifestyle/culture blogs and brands by Black women. I have only discovered most of these women in the past couple of months, and I have been so inspired by their fashion and content, and am so grateful for the personal and cultural tidbits they share on their Instagram pages and websites.

  1. Frederique Harrel (@freddieharrel) - Frederique aka Freddie Harrel is a social media visual storyteller in signature bold prints and bright, coord suit pieces. Additionally, she is the owner and founder of the extremely successful business Big Hair No Care, which sells clip-in extensions for natural hair. Find her on Instagram here and check out Big Hair No Care here.

  2. Tiffany M. Battle (@tiffanymbattle) - Tiffany Battle is a social media content creator featuring primarily bold, bright and eccentric fashion. Tiffany is also the founder of widely acclaimed site The Werk! Place, which she describes as a contemporary lifestyle brand dedicated to enhancing and highlighting the lifestyle of women through a fashion lens. Follow her on Instagram here and you can find The Werk! Place here.

  3. Tamu McPherson (@tamumcpherson) - Tamu McPherson blogs on all things fashion, beauty, wellness and culture on her site called All the Pretty Birds. It has some of the most thoughtful, inspiring and educational content I have ever found on a blog. And I read a LOT of blogs! Follow her on Instagram here and check out All the Pretty Birds here.

  4. Kela Walker (@kelawalker) - Kela Walker, in addition to being a social media creator (SO much joy and gorgeous color on her Instagram!), is the founder of the Dreams in Drive podcast, which is dedicated to providing advice and resources to creative and lifestyle oriented entrepreneurs to enable them to pursue their passions. Follow her on Instagram here and check out Dreams in Drive here.

5. Ashleigh (@thedaileigh) - Ashleigh's popular Instagram is made up of eclectic, en vogue outfit mirror selfies, but her primary project is her full-time blog, The Daileigh. She has created a series of e-books that help women who may be overwhelmed by the fashion industry develop a versatile, capsule wardrobe from scratch and then go on to find their own personal styles. Follow her on Instagram here and check out the resources on The Daileigh here.

6. Karen Blanchard (@karenbritchick) - Karen Blanchard recently moved to NYC from London, and her Instagram account is focused on really epic street style. She captures photos that make me wonder how on earth she got that shot. Her blog is called Where Did U Get That, and it is primarily focused on fashion with a splash of travel content. Follow her on Instagram here and check out Where Did U Get That here.

7. Folake Kuye (@stylepantry) - Folake Kuye is the owner/founder of The Style Pantry, a fashion line designed and manufactured right out of Los Angeles. You can find her designs on her Instagram page as well as shop them on The Style Pantry's website. Follow her on Instagram here and shop The Style Pantry here.

8. Tosha Eason (@tosha_eason) - Tosha Eason has worked in the fashion industry as a creative director, editor, stylist, creative consultant and photographer, making her quite an industry expert. Check her Instagram here and read her blog here.

9. Soraya De Carvalho (@styleismything) - Soraya Carvalho is a force on Instagram in the fashion realm, in addition to being the founder of the incredibly successful beauty business, Style Is My Thing, which specializes in luxury hair extensions for natural hair. Find her on Instagram here and check out Style Is My Thing here.

10. Cynthia Andrew (@simplycyn) - Cynthia Andrew runs one of the most visually appealing, content heavy, consistent and relatable fashion, travel, lifestyle and music blogs I have ever read. I have found myself following her recommendations in all areas of my life. I am currently listening to one of her playlists. Find her on Instagram here and read her blog here.

11. Jessica C. Andrews (@dressupwithjess) - Jessica Andrews is the Deputy Fashion Editor at Bustle. You can also find endless innovative fashion inspiration, inspirational messages, Black culture and anti-racism activism across her platforms. Find her on Instagram here and her site is here.

12. Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold) - Asiyami Gold runs a fashion, design, photography, travel and more blog that you should all be reading! Her aesthetic is stunning and she has the voice of an old friend which is rare in the world of major blogs. Find her on Instagram here and read her blog here.

13. Natasha Ndlovu (@natashandlovu) - Natasha Ndlovu is a model, blogger and photographer based in London, England. She writes about fashion, photography, beauty and travel, as well as sharing her extensive experience working in the fashion industry. Follow her on Instagram here and read her blog here.

14. Stella Adewunmi (@jadorefashion) - Stella Adewunmi runs the blog J'Adore Fashion, where you will find her daily outfit posts, products she is loving, street style inspiration, travel and pieces of her Nigerian culture. Follow her on Instagram here and read J'Adore Fashion here.

Do you follow any of these incredible ladies? I would love to hear any favorites you may have!

XX, Clarissa


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