• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Hello to my online friends! I never thought that cyber relationships could live up to the real thing, but recently one click away has felt more intimate than six feet away! One of the things I have been spending a lot of time playing around with during quarantine is my skincare routine. It seems like a good time to test new products, because hey, if it makes your forehead look like a swollen mountain range, no one has to see it! Here are some of my findings:

  1. Not wearing makeup during the day has done wonders for my complexion. My skin feels healthier than ever and I love the idea of not clogging my pores daily with heavy foundation. I try to look a littleee bit put together while staying home, so my quarantine makeup routine consists of an all-over mineral sunscreen, concealer under my eyes, swipe of Better than Sex mascara, and a dash of Ruby Woo on my lips.

  2. Clean beauty is important. I am trying to incorporate a lot more clean products into my regimen as other things run out, and I have found them to be equally effective if not better.

  3. HOWEVER, I am not giving up retinol. I just can't. This line of Jasmine Retinol products from PIXI beauty is a great way to add that anti-aging MVP to your routine without breaking the bank. I particularly like the overnight oil, which I apply under my moisturizer before I hit the sack. You can find most of their products at Target!

4. I have always been a loyal Clarins self-tanning drops user, but I heard great things about these drops from Isle of Paradise so I have been using them for about a week and I love them! The color is very natural but noticeable and it doesn't come off on my white towels! PLUS- it's clean!

5. I have historically been married to my TULA moisturizer, but when I ran out, I looked for one that was more eco-friendly and had some new ingredients that I was looking for. I ended up ordering this from Ella Moss Naturals and I have been loving it! It also works really well with the Isle of Paradise drops! It's light enough for morning use and a little drop goes a LONG way, so it's super cost effective.

6. I have never been particularly loyal to any one cleanser, I tend to like to test different things and see what different ingredients do for me. I've been using this K-Beauty cleanser (it's actually a powder that you mix with water-so cool) for the past two weeks, and I am loving it. It is cleaner than what I was using before, and makes my skin feel amazing. I use it every morning and then I use it again in the evening after removing my makeup!

7. I liked the Jaxon Lane K-Beauty cleanser so much that I now have this mineral sunscreen in my cart to test as soon as mine runs out.

8. Skyn Iceland sent me their Face Lift in a Bag to review, and it is worth the hype!! I couldn't quite afford to keep up with that routine, so I bought my two favorite components in bulk. The first one is the Firming Eye Gels (they eviscerate any other under eye gels I have tried) and the second is this set that covers both lines around your mouth and your forehead which I need all the help I can get with at the moment.

Obviously, this is not all encompassing and I could talk about skincare tools and products for the rest of my life, but I just wanted to share a few new things that I've picked up recently in case you're itching to change up your routine!


Any new favorites you've discovered recently? Do you use any of these products?!

XX, Clarissa