• Clarissa Laws


Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Sometimes you have a great dress, and no place to wear it. Sometimes, you grab said dress and wear it to the grill next door, because she deserves an outing.

I've really been loving this dress brand called Likely recently. Am I behind the trend on that? I stumbled upon them on Amazon and I can't get over how pretty and flattering their dresses are. BELIEVE ME when I say, no one is paying me to write that. I wish that they were.

I ordered this dress with absolutely no occasion in mind, and as luck would have it, no occasion has arisen. However, I did make my husband keep his suit on one night when he got home from work so we could go to the sports bar across the street and pretend we had somewhere important to be.

The details on this dress are fantastic for a gal like me who loves a good ruffle and a maxi length, even for when you're just eating sweet potato tots at the grill. One day, this gal will have an occasion. Until then, I'll have the beautiful memories of wearing her against this brick wall.

XX, Clarissa


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