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If you work in a conservative office environment, accessorizing can be tricky. We are well beyond the days of requiring women to dress identically to their male counterparts, but how do you properly accessorize an outfit without cheapening the professionalism? I found my friends at 6th Borough Boutique to have the perfect answer.

When I think of work accessories, I think no fuss, pairs with everything but still adds a hint of sparkle. 6th Borough's pieces are polished and minimalist, but still manage to be trendy and not remotely stuffy. This layered necklace could be added to any simple sheath dress to immediately jazz it up without going overboard.

Their simple gold lariat necklace (here) has a similar effect and comes across on trend yet tasteful.

6th Borough Boutique is also my pick for that "wear every single day" piece that you never leave the house without, which usually goes hand in hand with being the perfect work staple.

This pretty little turquoise bead (shop here) is always on rotation with its sister, the same necklace in black. I love the subtle pop of color with the turquoise, but there's something so glam about black and gold. I'm thinking about going back and ordering the initial necklace (here) and the knot stud earrings (here).

I think both of these pieces are so classic and professional. They would honestly pair well with any wardrobe, but I think are especially practical purchases for the conservative office. The price point on these pieces is so reasonable, and the last thing that got me hooked on 6th Borough is that all of their jewelry is eco-friendly. This means that they do not utilize inhumane working conditions or wages, all stones and metals are responsibly sourced, and they know that no illegal trading goes into their collections. They're part of a global push to encourage shoppers to value brands that value ethics. Because of retailers like 6th Borough, the jewelry industry is becoming more transparent, moral and responsible. Feel good about what you're wearing and check out their socially conscious line here: https://6thboroughboutique.com/.

Some of the pieces in this post were gifted. All opinions are my own.

XX, Clarissa

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