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Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I have gotten a few online orders in this week that I feel pretty excited about, so I wanted to share some of my favorite finds, major discounts and my thoughts on fit {affiliate links throughout}!

1. First, I wanted to share my favorite denim shorts. I've been wearing the TopShop mom shorts for four years, and I have been so impressed by the quality that you get for the price. These are currently 30% off at Nordstrom, making them $45. They're a spring/summer staple in my wardrobe!

SIZING: TopShop always runs a little bit wonky for me, probably because it is based on UK sizing. I am typically a US size 4, but I took a US size 10 in these. Definitely size up two sizes, and maybe one more if you like the really oversized look! They offer excellent backside coverage as well, so you don't have to worry about your cheeks busting out every time you bend over to pet a dog/child.

2. Up next, we have the item from this haul that impressed me the most! These shorts are from the Target brand Wild Fable, which I have sort of always considered to be a junior's line. I tried these shorts on a whim, and I am so excited about them! They are $15 (!!!!), high waisted, generous in length AND offer the rear coverage that I have needed since my 22nd birthday. In Wild Fable, I have typically taken a size medium or a six. HOWEVER, in these shorts, the waist seems to run small so I sized up to a size 8 and I am really thrilled with the fit! For $15, these are an awesome addition to your spring//summer wardrobe.

3. "TELL YOUR DOG I SAID HI" pullover. This sweatshirt is currently on sale at Target for $13, and it is selling fast! I just loved the cute little text and the inside is lined in fleece, so it is SO soft! It runs true to size, but I sized up to a large for an oversized fit!

3. Budhagirl Bangle Dupes: I was so excited to see that Amazon had a dupe for the $110 gold Budhagirl bangle set. I ordered these to test the quality, and I love them! They feel almost identical to my Budhagirls, and give the same fun look.

>In the photo below, my Budhagirl bangle is on the left, and the Amazon dupe is on the right. They aren't identical, but the "dupe" is definitely worth the $10 for a stack of five bracelets.

4. Rainbow Tile Bracelets: This a designer trend that I was really excited to see come out this spring. I LOVE the idea of stacking rainbow colored bracelets like the ones we made when we were kids! You can definitely go the high-end route and spend a fortune on this fun trend, or you can go the Amazon route and find TONS of options for $10-$20. I chose this particular stack because I loved how they incorporated metallic gold beads. It sort of elevated the look for me.

5. Designer logos are IN this season, and high end trademarks are being sported bigger and better than ever. For those of us who can't go out and snag a Gucci t-shirt, Amazon has us covered in spades. I picked up these "Fendi" headbands for $13 for a set of four, and the quality is fantastic. I know I'll be throwing these on over messy ponytails all season.

6. Similar to the above "Fendi" headbands, I also picked up a set of satin "Gucci" headbands on Amazon. These were a steal for $13 for a set of three, and I love the mix of prints. They look so well-made in person, and Amazon has even more prints available.

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What are your spring fashion staples?!

XX, Clarissa


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