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Okay, I don't know about you, but my #WFH style has gone waaaaay downhill since this craziness began in the winter! I have taken the "cute" out of the "cute and comfy" stay at home wardrobe and now my clothes are either "clean" or "dirty."

One thing I still try to do on MOST mornings is my quick little three step three product makeup routine to keep myself from feeling like a total slob. I focus exclusively on brows, lashes and lips. It feels great to give my skin so much time away from foundation etc. so I do not put anything on my face to let my pores breathe during the day! I do use these Isle of Paradise tanning drops in my moisturizer a few times each week to give myself a little bit of color. OKAY, let's talk about the products.

  1. The Benefit Contour Pro: This brow tool is a game-changer for brows and Ulta currently has it for 50% off. I have ordered two more to keep on hand. It comes with four different shades to really highlight and contour your brows. I use the lighter contour shade to fill in the insides of my brows towards my nose, and switch to the darker contour shade to fill in the rest. I apply it in swift, short upwards strokes to mimic my actual brows. I outline the bottoms of my brows up to the innermost hairs that I have shaded in to make them more defined with the special "definition" shade of pencil. After that, I apply the highlighter shade down between my brow and the top of my eyelid. It's a great shade and blends really well with a beauty blender! This product lasts forever which I appreciate because I love seeing my brows still looking full at the end of the day!

  2. Chanel "Le Volume de Chanel" Mascara: This is one of the best all-around mascara formulas that I have found! It's a little bit pricy but it gives the BEST volume AND length with no smudging and no clumping. Some of my macaras have to be applied in a very careful manner for best results, but with "Le Volume" I feel like I can sort of just swipe it on and go. You don't need to be super careful when you apply it which saves me some of the messy frustration I sometimes get from these products!

  3. Milani "Keep it Full" Plumping Gloss: This is an AWESOME drugstore lip product!! I have been pretty loyal to MAC lipstick for the past two years, but I saw another blogger post this and I had to try it out! I'm not really sure about the plumping part but it has great color and stays on for so long! Glossy lip products are usually cute for 10 minutes for me, but I find this staying on for hours and it doesn't dry my lips out at all. I have it in three colors now and all the shades are lovely!


How do you prioritize self-care during the pandemic?

XX, Clarissa


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