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I know you are all probably sick of seeing 2019 resolutions by now. Everyone and their second cousin has a post up talking all about how they're going to be better this year. I want to share my resolutions because we are more likely to stick with things if we share them, so I thought I would try to make this more interesting by sharing my goals through outfits.

3. Be friendlier. I think because I’m so introverted, but my demeanor comes across as generally unfriendly and kind of cold… I definitely have a serious case of resting bitch face. I want to work on being more smiley and chatty so that I can collaborate better with my colleagues, who I am pretty sure think I am very standoffish… I rarely actually feel grumpy, so I want to start coming across closer to my mood, which is usually pretty positive.

4. Spend more time outside. Time spent outdoors has a pretty direct, positive correlation with my mood. Even if it’s just taking Hadley on a 20 minute walk, I always feel better after I do it. When it gets cold I tend to forget how much good a little bit of sunshine can do and stay holed up in my office or apartment. I want to take more walks, go on more runs and even spend more time just sitting outside.

5. Take one great adventure. In 2018, Dan and I took our honeymoon to the Virgin Islands. It was the first time that I had ever been anywhere like that, and we had no idea what to expect. We planned nothing ahead of time and just figured everything out by talking to locals and exploring on our feet. We don’t have any extravagant vacations planned for 2019, but I am set on seeing at the very least one new city that I know very little about and making an adventure out of it.

I hope you guys have some big plans for 2019! I have a lot of exciting ideas for this blog that I can't wait to start working on, so thank you for following along!

XX, Clarissa


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