Welcome to Fashion Bylaws! I'm excited that you've found my cozy little nook of the internet. My name is Clarissa Laws (hence the Bylaws!) and I'm a 20-something clothes hoarding, book loving homebody living and working in Richmond, VA. You can almost always find me curled up in my kingdom (my one bedroom apartment ;)) with my 100 pound dog, Hadley, my two black cats, Sheriff and Deputy, and of course, my full-time blog photographer who moonlights as my husband. We are typically binge-eating overpriced local delivery and marathon streaming c-list horror movies. I love my city, so you will see lots of photos and recommendations from around town. 

I'm passionate about style, thanks to the incredibly classy women who raised me, so here you will find all sorts of shopping hacks, epic deals, pieces worth the splurge and hopefully a little bit of inspiration to take back to your own closet! When life has gotten gritty, I have always turned to fashion as a source of levity. The perfect outfit generally isn't the solution to your problem, but sometimes we all need a little bit of frivolity to lessen the load.

My intention is to focus on the inessential, and I hope that I create some content that occasionally makes your day brighter. If you're a lover of a glass of wine, a good read and an even better outfit, I hope you'll find yourself at home here.


XX, Clarissa  



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