Welcome to Fashion Bylaws. My name is Clarissa and I'm a 20-something clothes hoarder living and working in Richmond, VA. I named my blog for my last name, Laws, and one of the great loves of my life, fashion. In my one bedroom apartment, you will find me, my husband, Dan, our dog, Hadley, and our two cats, Sheriff and Deputy, We are a bunch of homebodies who live for a night of b-list horror movies and a delivery from GrubHub. 

I'm passionate about style and I live for a good written out stream of consciousness, so that is what you will find around here. A bylaw is a rule, and thus the bylaw of this blog is to always share fun, frivolous content with the intent to entertain and inspire readers to use a great outfit to make your day brighter, and allow style to bring some levity to your world. I'm excited to get to share some of my thoughts on life and of course, my #ootds. If you're a lover of a glass of wine, a good read and an even better outfit, I hope you'll find yourself at home here. 



The mission of Fashion Bylaws is to entertain, inspire and inform women of all ages with an interest in fun, versatile and affordable fashion by posting high quality, humorous and relatable content including shoppable outfits, recommendations, style tips and tricks and information on major sales and deals.



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